Hair Transplant in Coimbatore

About NHHT

NHHT is well-renowned for offering high-quality hair transplant services. We have a dedicated panel of hair transplant doctors who work efficiently to restore hair and give the patients new hope for living. Our team of technicians is also well qualified and they know how to deal with the patients during the whole process of hair transplantation.

NHHT is also the best choice in terms of getting competitive prices for hair restoration treatments. You’ll find here the reliable and latest tools and technologies that cause minimal pain or discomfort during the procedure.

Why NHHT for Hair Transplant in Coimbatore?

  • Since NHHT is a panel of multiple top class hair transplant clinics, thus you can get the one in Coimbatore as well without having the need to travel to a distant place.
  • Our skilled and qualified hair transplant professionals treat hundreds of patients every year with high success ratio.
  • The hair transplant procedures that we use at our hair transplant clinic in Coimbatore are minimally invasive and are almost painless.
  • Our highly professional hair transplant team makes use of the finest instruments in order to provide you with better looks and confidence.

Services we offer in Coimbatore:

  • Our wide range of hair transplant services includes not only invasive hair restoration treatments but also the non-invasive ones.
  • The invasive hair restoration techniques are FUE and FUT. FUE is comparatively a more expensive solution to hair loss than FUT. It is because FUE is the latest and minimally invasive method.
  • The other hair transplant procedures that we offer at NHHT are beard transplant, moustache transplant, eyebrow restoration, eyelashes transplant and sideburn transplant.
  • Also, we offer body hair transplant to the patients who have weak donor area on the back of their scalp. They can consider other body parts as their donor regions in body hair transplant. This procedure is performed by the FUE technique only.